Rekn Indonesia has rewritten the rule book on how to create lean, agile teams inside established corporations, bringing creative thinking to the centre of business thinking.

Social Media Management

Our data-driven and engagement  focused social media management services enables you to get the most of  your owned social media channels.

Website Development

A website is the cornerstone of any digital presence. Make your web presence stand-out and yield the results you need, from company profiles to full blown e-commerce portals. We’ve done them all.

Application Development

Get closer to consumers through the application.

Influencer & Content Marketing

We’re redefining the way brands make content. Connect with a range of passionate content creators and drive results with content that’s has a story telling point,  unique, authentic and engaging.

Community Engagement

Communities are just waiting to be engaged, either online or offline. Our community engagement platform enables company’s to get the most out of their engagement quickly and cost-effectively.

Customer Data Platform

Consumer data is very important for companies to determine the next steps that must be taken. Connect with your customers by using data from various platforms used such as websites, apps, advertising data or events to get to know them better and establish relationships with them.

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